Thursday, July 19, 2007

I think Shelia Jefferys was railing against the idea of the sex difference, that everyone gets put into two slots at birth or whatever, but maybe I am dreaming. I am so hot, and I can't follow the plot of an episode of Dirty Jobs...

I was reminded of this because a lady hates women's tools. I do too. Just make tools for small hands and big hands, leave off the pink crap, because a woman is a full fledged adult human,k? I don't like the idea that every single woman is feminine. And irony my foot. Jefferys has a little bone to pick with the idea that if you say it's ironic or whatever, it's automatically OK, and I do too. You can say anything is ironic. But does the whole 'pink is for women' crap really break down just because we say our tongue is in our cheek? Maybe it's a whole difference in ways of knowing or whatever. I don't think just saying something is different will change things. Otherwise, with all the trees and electrons expended, the world would look much different.

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