Saturday, August 05, 2006

An interesting conversation about lolita and feminism ensued. Personally, I'm suspicious of the whole dressing like a 'slut' being empowering thing because of how the supposed erotic power of all women has been put up as an excuse for us not having real lasting power. Don't worry your pretty little head about how many women are on the Supreme Court, you have the power of the pussy! Don't worry about pay gaps between men and women, female sex workers get paid more than their male counterparts! Totally ignoring the fact that most women aren't thin, white, conventionally attractive, etc, and thus have a much harder time drawing on this supposed power, this none the less is used to inure women to their second class status.

In other news, if you wear red shoes, everyone you know will die and your feet will be cut off. I love fairy tales. Anne Sexton's reimaginings are great too.

Snerk, I be a PHD

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