Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Now this is a good ad. I'm a bit restless yet not wanting to do any sustained work today. This sort of day always maddens me because nothing will get done, but by the time I realize that the day is already over. In Harvest Moon, I've married my imaginary girlfriend , sold 100 of my imaginary pineapples, and tried to organize the labor of the imaginary elves that work on my farm for only a pineapple or a omelet while I profit enourmously in an attempt to get myself ready to actually clean up my room in real life, but then I went online, and futzed around.

I did so much housework yesterday compared to what I usually do(I dried two loads of laundry, washed one, cooked spaghetti, put away two loads of towels, and put up the dishes), but today I'm lagging. The only work I've done is to take the groceries in and put them away.

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