Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I was watching news channel 5*, and I was shocked and appalled. Basically, they want to create a new apartment building in the area near where I live where 20% of the apartments will be for low income folks. But some idiots are like omg, I moved to this nice neighborhood, oh, I wanted it to be crime free. And I'm like your neighborhood won't automatically be full of crime or bad because there's a few poor people around. It's a long commute to this area for many of the poorer residents who have jobs here, and it's better for the environment and their pocket books to live closer to work. Really, it's sad that some black folk gotta be so classist that they are against mixed class neighborhoods, which I think are better for everyone. Concentrated poverty I think is bad because richer neighborhoods have better schools, better city services, neighbors with money who can give you a hand up on some things. Not to mention, it's bad for us rich people to be too segregated, because we can get self righteous and snooty about our place in life, you know? If you've never met a poor person, it's easy to believe that they just don't work hard enough, or imagine they are all some sort of noble savage who is the salt of the earth, you know?

*read the newstory here.

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