Friday, August 11, 2006

I was amused by this post. I wonder if I should put sex wars trigger warnings on some of my posts because I tend to post so much that even if I am talking about the sex wars on one post, the next post will be about Harvest Moon. While I'm typing, NSFW means not safe for work. It is a warning that if you click on that link, you may see things that could get you fired, make you give explanations to your kid that are like 'that's a game that only adults can play. So when you start paying some rent and move out, you can bother mommy on the computer, but until then, do your damn homework' or scandalize your mother and make her wish she could take away your computer.
Also, a new community blackfolkcooks has opened. You also should join people of color comics. Also, now babies are too fat. Now, I know it can be murder on your back to carry a child- I gave my cousin's baby a piggy back ride and nearly died, but come the fuck on

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