Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I had a horrible headache, so I made a new LJ iconb, which is my second. Thank you,cuteoverload. You may use it, but do try to be like, animeg3282 cropped the image or some shit. In more drama news, blackfolk are warning the white women. In fact, the white folk are warning the white women as well.
Read this feministe post, and keep on being warned, all women! I know it's hard to have self esteem when you're halfway through that "Why You Don't Have a Man, You Total Loser(Tip: It's because You're Not Good Enough)" quiz, but click off that website! Don't listen to your stupid friends that say you're overreacting because he's so nice in public! When he treats you like shit in private, that's his true nature. RUN! Before it's too late and you end up in the hospital. And if all his black exes are supposedly hating on you because you're breaking up the black family, run, run, run, white women. They probably dumped his ass because he was an abusive dickhead. In fact, in general, if all his exes are crazy hellbeasts in his estimation, run. That's what he'll think of you once you get sick of his abuse.

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