Sunday, August 06, 2006

Geh, with all the discussion about Girls Gone Wild, I'm going to have to put my two cents in. I may offend some. Ok, here it is:

Oh my fucking god, getting girls loaded and then encouraging them to act out sexually is a cruel and exploitive form of sexuality. Having them sign away the rights to the cash from their labor while they can't make a decent decision about it is just wrong. It's not freedom to fake pleasure so some creepy asshole can get off. It's not freedom to have some asshole make billions of dollars off your sexuality, and you get a t shirt and 2 seconds of fame? As someone who I don't remember said, you don't have anal sex with a stranger for the cause, and you shouldn't have naked pictures of you shown to horny idiots without you getting some decent compensation.

Not to mention, nothing annoys me more than the idea that women are only sexually fulfilled by servicing the sexuality of men. When folks are talking about women's sexual freedom, a lot of discourse is about women's 'choices' to perform in porn, to be strippers, to kiss other women not because they long for a woman's touch, but because some guy behind the camera thinks it'll be oh so hot. What about women who get off from say, actual touching of our erogenous zones,eh? Who don't get off on being desired, but actually desire? Who don't need to be paid to fuck? Our sexuality does not look like the fake sexuality shown in porn or these Girl Gone Wild films. And trying to link the sexuality of every woman to these commercialized forms does everyone's real sex lives a huge disservice.

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