Sunday, July 05, 2009

OH my god. If these BLANKITY BLANKS don't shut up about why don't you protest against the thugs, I'm going to go out and manage my anger in an inappropriate manner! If those types had their fucking brains on, which they don't, they'd use logic. I'm against shooting people myself, but the truth is that me marching in the street would be pretty ineffective, and that's why we don't march against the thugs.

Antiviolence programs are often done in churches, in schools, and inside homes. People doing anger management groups are often helping curb the violence more than carping about those blacks and their terrible community,etc. They act as if we aren't the same. As if they need to just hole up someplace and tell us all how to live and then everything will be perfect.

NO DUDES! GET OUT AND PUSH OR ADMIT YOU DON'T REALLY CARE! Stop bagging on us! It's like you're using this as a stick to beat us with in annalouise's words.[although I'm a cheap bastard and say I can realize my capacity to heal myself for free]

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