Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There's a lot of arguing about hipsters on food stamps. You know, I like being one of the middle class with a bad attitude. When folks who made millions off of betting are still living large, what's the point of begrudging someone a rabbit? A lot of people are having difficulty getting work, and a lot of work doesn't actually pay enough for say...crazy things like food. Let's say you can only get 24 hours a week at Target. At 7.50$ an hour, that's $720 a month. So in many areas, you could [possibly] pay the rent, but pretty much anything else would be extra.

If you ate shitty food, you'd probably also be at risk for some illnesses, which would put you back even more. I agree with the folks who say these hipsters will pay a lot more back into the system than we're spending on their organic black bean tacos. I think that not only do people who don't make much have inherent human value, that a lot of value is undercounted.

Maybe we should invest in people on the bottom. Those organic rabbit buying 'kids' give jobs to the cashier, the people in charge of meat processing, the truck driver, etc. What are those fat cats doing with their bonuses? I'm not seeing it circulate.

And I think a lot of people forgot that young folks were encouraged to go to college, and yes, a lot of young people weren't able to be in the most 'useful' majors- not everyone has the ability to be an engineer, and anyway, if everyone has an engineer, there wouldn't be enough jobs for all of them. BTW: please don't throw every single person into retail! That sort of thing is why I needed to explain to a guy at a crafts store that that thing there is a seam ripper, and that I own one.

I also don't think we'd be working any less if we stopped giving these kids their $200 for their bean tacos.

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