Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I wonder if we think that women who are feminine, and interested in performing sexuality instead of not performing it are more delicate than the rest of us. We're always concerned about their feelings, but ignore the prude and non feminine woman shaming that is pervasive in our culture. BTW, linking to MS. And it's only some heterosexual men who enjoy the current porn paradigm of 'sex', either.

In response to idiots like this, we shouldn't insist that we're pretty, we shave, we know how to cook! Instead it's not important whether we're pretty, shave or know how to cook, we deserve rights anyway! And if we don't do whatever dumbfuckery the 21st century makes up that women gotta do, we're still valuable people. We're not decorations or wombs or whatever else!

Also, on why blaming celibacy or gayness for child rape is wrong.
I agree- answering strange ads on craigslist about NSA sex would be breaking one's vows, but child rape also breaks the vows, and is harmful to the child as well. Someone who was concerned only about sexual release could masturbate or gain a willing partner- only a total slimeball would rape a kid.

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