Thursday, March 04, 2010

Article about campus rape on NPR. I'd like to note that not all college students drink the whole week and never actually work. I personally had to study really hard in college. Now, some people will be like BUT THE HOOK UP CULTURE IS GREAT! SEXUAL EMPOWERMENT! RAH! But the truth is that a lot of predators use it as an excuse for their actions. They'll say "Oh, we were BOTH DRUNK, and anyway she just REGRETTED IT in the morning". And of course, that sort of scene provides them perfect cover. The heavy drinking means they can not only attack victims more easily, but also make an excuse for their actions. The expectation of sexual activity means that not only can the experienced predator manipulate the victim into things she might not be comfortable with[as a big meanie who hates men and sex, just because she's ok with making out doesn't mean she wants to go anal!], but they can also try to shame the woman for thinking she could have some fun without some asshole ruining everything by raping her.

And no, commenters, more prostitution would NOT help. In a place where we got cops raping prostitutes, I really don't believe that prostitution helps reduce rape at all. If the men need sexual release so much, they can use their hands.

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