Tuesday, March 02, 2010

They are wanking over at Pandagon. Before I go into it, here's an amusing comment:

Honestly, that’s what I’m getting from her too. “I’ve dated so many men you wouldn’t believe! And now I’m in a happy, long-term relationship with a guy I adore and we never have to work at it! All you people who are lonely/shy/unattractive/looking for a relationship/not as fuck-happy as I am need to STFU cry moar ‘cause I got mine. Also, asexuals are probably emotionally manipulative; if you expect someone to put up with you you’d better put out or you’re obviously trying to guilt them into stuff.*”

Hehehe! Anyway, there's a big mess about asexuality. Lindsay Bernstein tells us all about how asexuals are being jerks, since everyone expects folks to put out!

So Lurker says, dude, you got boundary issues!

And then she's like, you got a probs with logic!

Cerebus explains asexuality and the issues therein.

A new word appears- 'sexplain'

And also, this is a great post.

Personally, I'm not an asexual, but as a sexual, the model of LET'S HAVE SEX WITH PEOPLE WHO WE BARELY KNOW doesn't work for me, and there's shaming even for people who would eventually like to have sex, if they know the person, and the shaming for people who actually are asexual must be terrible.


K said...

I like "sexplain." I don't like that accepting that we're all different is such an advanced concept for some people. "Free To Be You and Me" is probably older than Amanda is, for crying out loud.

Plus I thought one of the points of feminism was to quit caring who we were fucking, how often we were fucking, whether we were fucking at all, etc. But what do I know? I am an old.

Anyway, thank you, Shannon! This link roundup has given me a headache but spared me the migraine, if that makes sense.

shannon said...

I hear there are now advanced new forms of feminism all about how we are totally cute, and like, all these dudes want to fuck us! That's so empowering!