Monday, March 15, 2010

As a terrible person, who hates decency, I really don't care that a few folks are eating SALMON with food stamps. You know why? People always say WE'RE BUSTING OUR ASSES AND THESE PEOPLE ARE EATING DELICIOUS SALMON! But are there really any jobs for these folks to bust their asses at? According to the rules, they have convinced someone to actually give them 20 hours a week of work, and they probably are doing the hell that is job hunting[so, this job wants an enthusiastic, energetic person with 10 years of experience and it pays....9 BUCKS PER HOUR?! Oh, this job looks good! You only need three years of experience...THEY WANT YOU TO PAY THEM TO WORK THERE?!] so I'm sure they are suffering enough, even though I'm not sure why we need people to suffer so we can feel better about our pathetic and petty lives, but hey, whatever.

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