Monday, February 26, 2007

Chubby women learn that even if you're a fourth generation gender queer sex worker, blackface is never OK. Personally I think the neighborhood radical feminist has a point. It's not inevitable that you'll cross over to blackface from burlesque, but there's a whole lot more to breaking down sexism in society than performing burlesque, just as there is a whole lot more to fighting racism than reclaiming blackface. Even if your mindset is full of feminism and breaking down barriers, you have to realize that most folks are like "man, she has a totally sweet bod!" and that yea, actual activism might be needed here. Sexism=structural.

Record numbers of people are in severe poverty. I have no clue how to fix this. 2/3s of those in severe poverty here are women. This is not a coinkydink.

A friendly neighborhood white person makes fun of women who fall over themselves to make sure everyone thinks they are totally sweet and nice. This is another way the feminine role and the adult role don't go together.

Also, Pollit talks about the rhetoric of abortion. She's not joking about people who can't read the forms. 43% of adults read at a level lower than I read at in 4th grade.

Etsians are fundraising for rape response.

Zuzu mocks the empowerful stripper pole party.
Note how women being strong in themselves is not linked to say, doing something that'll increase one's earnings or quality of life. I would really like to break down the idea that women need to be sexy to remember who they are. It reminds me of something that someone said once- that some small part of who she was was starting to define her whole life in the eyes of others, and she's been alive for 20 some years.

That's how I feel about women and sex. I'm a late bloomer, and so I've probably spent less than 24 hours having sex. But apparently sex is supposed to define me.

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