Friday, February 09, 2007

From Girls Read Comics and They're Pissed, a great takedown of the bullshit we're feeding our girls about the need to be pretty. I mean seriously, when you tell a little girl that beauty is what matters a billion different ways, I don't get why anyone is surprised when they get the message. We need to give more girls the message that they can do awesome fucking shit with atoms more often than they get the message that the only important thing about them is how straight their hair is and how big their eventual breasts will be.

Also, shocking rumors are circulating that poor people's homes are being taken away from them in San Fransico. If true, very troubling.

But, entitlement asstubas do exist. You're not owed being called a feminist any more than I'm owed being called a progressive.

Getting away from the topic of entitlement asstubas(you see- to make a gender neutral insult when none existed before you combine ass and an inherently funny sounding word), women atheletes continue to be amazing at any size.

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