Monday, February 12, 2007

I disagree with Jack Goff. Sometimes your choices are wrong. For example, Condi Rice is for blowing up Iraq. Her choices are wrong. And sometimes you don't mean to have the wrong choice, you just blunder into it- being a dumbfuck isn't just for women, it's for humans of all stripes. Sometimes I see myself as a bit of a keeper of memory. The person who is aware of how people have messed up in the past, and how when we do things, we are not infallible. As the person who remembers that the mind is not straight forward and that memory often forgets what we need to know, I'd like to say- I reserve the right not to support your choices and to be judgemental. We need a nuturing space sometimes, but othertimes, we need the sword of truth and not taking bullshit. I do better on that part than the other one.

Also, disturbing shit from dot snark bdsm.

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