Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Shannon takes jack goff at face value. Well I think that you'd know by how they talked. Like whenever you tried to do something feminist, they'd block you. If you talked about how horrible it is that a man could rape a woman on video tape and get off, they'd talk about how all women are liars and how she really did want to be a porn star. If you talked about the epidemic of domestic violence, they'd talk about how women are just faking those broken bones for sympathy. If you're upset about the gang raping of under 18 prostitutes , you'll be told that that doesn't matter because in Lake Woebegon, a 35 year old loves being a high class hooker.

Every single time you tried to talk about a larger societial problem, they'd try to distract you with ancedotes, crap from MRA sites,complaints about how they were butthurt 10 years ago,etc. Basically, it'd be fairly obvious, especially when they tried to convince you that it's better for women to be forced to give birth than to have to deal with the horrors of birth control and abortion.

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