Friday, February 23, 2007

Netflix for African Movies. Maybe I'll try the $6 a month plan?

Also, people have no idea about anatomy and how it works for transwomen or bornwomen.

Hey, I have no idea who Keagan is, but apparently I am dead to her.

Hilarious text:

Thinks republicans hate her because she's black. I'm definately not a republican but I hate people who think all white people are racist. SHUT THE FUCK UP! You're the one who has a problem.

LOL, but she is wrong. I also think democrats who repeat that black people vs n words stuff hate black people too. And libertarians who refer to welfare queens, also hate black people. Also, if you're a member of the green party, and are obsessed with how some black person stole your hate black people too!

Also, oreo/coon bingo by acidcookiegirl with help from witchsistah. Reproduced with permission.

Also how to explain things to libertarians.

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