Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Witchy woo likes to post. She has good points, but the comments get a bit off topic, so I get off topic too. Shannon is against porn and prostitution, but I'm sure proporn women have a different mental idea of it. To me, porn is mainstream internet porn, full of all of that hoes and sluts and ethnic sterotyping and gratious degradation of women, and people not using condoms. I don't care if a teenager writes slashfic, except for to remind them that anuses are not in fact self lubricating. If you want to make a porn movie that isn't so bad, go at it, I'm just going to be aware that your one porn movie is competing with a flood of woman(and trans) hating crap.

Also about prostitution, I don't mind if one older woman is well matched with her profession, but I really can't ignore gang rapes, human trafficking and the exploitation of minors just because one lady is having a good time. It'd be like me ignoring the plight of migrant workers because an organic farmer likes to farm.

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