Friday, February 23, 2007

A solider was rightly sentenced to 100 years for raping a 14 year old and killing her family.

Lemonye owen needs money. You can donate here.

Even Ren Ev hates the suicide girls.(header may be not safe for work. her naughty bits are blanked out with censor bars, but you might not want to risk it)

I'm too lazy to figure out what my wordpress thing is, but my view on porn is "maybe there was rape before porn, but the porn sure ain't helping". It encourages bad sex, gives a bad example to the young, and exploits the young as well. (No showing your naughty bits for only a pair of draws!) I think the problem is that porn gives douchebags the idea that their douchebaggery is normal, or even desirable. You google up whatever disgusting idea you have, and there are tons of videos, pictures, and stories devoted to whatever gross shit you're thinking of. Thus giving women even more bullshit to deal with.

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