Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm a young exclusive feminist and I really resent the idea that just because I'm young I'm frivolous and have to be coddled or kissed to have political commitments. I'm a feminist because of my own judgement of what is right. I picked up books myself and read them. Really, if young women are supposed to be like "Well, I was going to fight for equal pay and against date rape, but the mean ol' feminists wouldn't let me" what sort of people are we being seen as here? A lot of young women are participating in feminist projects. We don't need anyone's permission, because we don't come for the approval of others. And no, we aren't all vapid little girls who need people to say that high heels are totally super feminist to care about women's rights. That's a woman hating stereotype! Many women are intellectual and logical and able to care about things besides looking cute or being sexy.

Also, my thoughts on whoredom: Unfortunate symptom of male dominance(note that mostly men frequent them, whether they be bornwomen, transwomen, or men) but they shouldn't have to go to jail just for having bad luck, like being born in poverty or something.

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