Sunday, February 25, 2007

I got a 5 on the certified asshole test. In real life I attempt to be nice to people, but I internally have a bad personality.

Also, I like how they have a token white person in the Ambi commercial.

Also, breastfeeding keeps being compared to Rosa Farking Parks. Supplemental mama lulz. I bet my cousin will bottlefeed and use regular diapers. So uh..there.

Child sex slaves in the UK.
Even goons disapprove.

Etsy problems have handcrafters in arms.

Bad ebayer mocked by peers.

BDSM'ers explain social skills and appropriate boundaries.


I am trying to think of a rating system for how far back something puts the feminist movement. The smallest rating would be one Cosmo. The medium rating would be one copy of It's a Breakup Because it's Broken, equal to about ten Cosmos. The biggest rating would be a DVD of Bangbus, equal to about 100 Cosmos. For example, Pussycat Dolls: Search for a New Doll would probably be the equivalent of 2 copies of It's a Breakup Because It's Broken, based on the commercials.

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