Thursday, December 28, 2006

Amanda shares with us a fucked up story of anal sex. Shannon decides to tell everyone her ill informed opinions. Now, I think folks have weird ideas about sex nowadays. Instead of the increased acceptance of bondage and anal sex becoming a chance for fun hobbies to be explored by the masses, a lot of people are doing it wrong. Way wrong. Folks think that just because they saw it in a porn video or heard that it was awesome they can just jump off and be raring to go. No no no, folks.

Just because lady wanted to be tied up before doesn't mean she's cool with anal stimulation. Not a package deal here. Even if she had wanted anal stimulation before, she might not want it again. Use good sense here people. Sex isn't some no holds barred playground where dudes can go and do whatever they want.

Yea, one day I'm going to have a post that makes sense. But uh..bdsm snark poly snark and quantum fetish mechanics. I hope this offering of links will make everyone happy.

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