Saturday, December 23, 2006

Because snarky blog titles are the enemy of feminism- not say- patriarchy or gendered oppression or anything! Also bothering me is the idea in the comments that it's bad to react to being raped with anger, snark, and political activism but it's perfectly ok and reasonable for men to be like OMG, A BLOG TITLE I DON'T LIKE! I MUST BE AGAINST EQUALITY FOR WOMEN NOW!!!

That's a double standard I often see. Men and anti feminists are entitled to any action or reaction they see fit, but feminists must tiptoe around scared to have any ideas or actions because what if the menz don't like it? I don't see conservatives afraid to let the fact that they think soy makes you gay or that Muslims all want to kill us in our sleep make them afraid to tell everyone their crazy ass mess. Heck, on national TV programs, they are unafraid to ask Muslims about whether they really are friends of America.

But on blogs that like two people read, we're supposed to be tiptoeing around, because you know, women getting fed up and deciding to change things doesn't work. Only begging people who could care less about our freedom has a chance of working. Balderdash, I say.

Ovaries out, women!* And kick some tail!

*Men are also allowed to kick ass for feminism, but it's rarely men being told that they are too scary for having an opinion.

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