Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hey- people are being locked up in jail for ever for no good reason at all. Also, Dawn Eden is fucking nuts. Now- why I am not a nicey nice feminist:

1) Personality- It almost physically hurts for me to be nice to anyone. Ever.

2)Theory of Change- Either you want to change or you don't. You can't make somebody want to be a decent human being.

3)Theory of Politics and Life- I think we're influenced by a whole lot more things than we think we are- in fact, the love of pink ponies in girls is not caused by XX chromosomes- but is in fact caused by other factors. I am giving my little girl cousin a purple pony toy. The horrid male twins, Heckle and Jeckle, have a whole lot of trucks and shit. Also, even at the age of 2 or so, they can in fact understand what is said by adults and on TV!

But I also think we have a lot more power to change things than other people think we do. I don't think just begging the folks in power to please let us have rights, look, we did almost everything you wanted us to is the only path to change. We can also work hard within ourselves to encourage having self esteem, defining power in terms of what you can do for yourself and have traits you have rather than currying the favor of a powerful person, and work really hard to fill needs in our community and around the world.

4)My theory of reality: No large group of people will ever agree on what is ok to make fun of and what isn't. Now, there may be broad consensuses- like it's not cool to say c*nt or the n word, but those are nuclear bombs. I mean the smaller artillery in the war of words. Now, I may think calling a lady a stupid moo for walking down the street is horrible, and how can you say that, but don't really care if you call Rosie O'Donnell a bitch.

I don't think we can all agree on which groups are off limits to snark? Other feminists? Women as a whole?(pretty hard for me, because Dawn Eden exists and she's a woman)? And how would we define woman anyway? Anyone who has ever been one? Anyone with XX chromosomes? Anyone who presents in a feminine manner? Yea, I can see that getting real messy real soon.

So I can't really scold anyone to be snark free, or talk about how snark is ruining the movement, as my sacred cows aren't other people's sacred cows.

After Christmas, part 2- why being a feminist concern troll sucks will be out.

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