Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dave Chapelle(sp?) made humor of a fundemental truth- black people are afraid of the police. It's very hard for me to understand that white people aren't afraid of the police. Like the white lady of doom from school- she suggested that parents call in the police if their kid wouldn't go to school. I gave her a funny look, since I feel that many of the parents are kinda scared of the police. I'm sort of scared of the police too. Like I'd call them in if I was sure someone was committing a crime against me, but for cases on the edge there, I'd be sort of reluctant. But I have an unruly child? Dang, I wouldn't want the child to be dead, just a bit nervous. I think I'm going to beat the kid's ass myself, if that's OK.

Why is the n word bleeped out but not the s word?

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