Saturday, December 09, 2006

An amusing Youtube video (not safe for work) Watch your small kids! My little 9 year old cousin can watch MTV2 on the net- youtube can't be far behind!

Also, a public dot race snark post for your edification.

Aunt B is like "Yea, labiaplasty...this is where I draw the line". Oh yea, and according to some commenters there, she's the real oppressor for not believing in women's choices. Because merely having a va jay jay(ok, some women don't, but my mind is weak) makes your choices always good and above criticism. The strange thing is that I never see this sort of reasoning applied to women of color. B talks about FGM and wonders what's the difference between the two practices.

I think the difference is that these folks haven't grown up where FGM was the accepted practice. If they had, they'd be talking about how FGM makes a woman cleaner, and how they just like the look of their vaginas without a clit and how come you can't respect their choices,etc. But when it's someone else's culture, it's easy to say "that's messed up" because you're looking from the outside in. There's also a bit in the mix about the cultural idea we have in the US that we must go and save the African women from their oppressive men, but that American women are totally free and liberated.

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