Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I am on your blogs destorying your minds! First, here's the worst wank ever. Second, I had a Southernania sighting today! I saw a truck with hunting camo on the bottom edge, like a border. It was amazing, like the time I found out that the racistmobile- I mean the guy actually had a confederate flag on one of those things you put football flags on, and confederate flag bumperstickers, that is why it is called that, had a 'in case of rapture, this will be unmanned' tag on the rear view mirror. I had another sighting of oddness, but I'm not sure if it's Southerania. In the sort of paint you use to write things like "Happy Birthday!" or "Seniors Rule!" on your car windshield, this guy had instead that abstinence only educaiton was built on fear or something.

The method of communication was totally Southernania, but I don't know about the message. Hmm...

Also, I missed this wank on girl gamer.

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