Monday, December 04, 2006

In the Soul Food on today, there is a Muslim woman owning a factory employing many other Muslim women. Also Maxiane(sp?) got promoted at the domestic violence shelter. Man, I wish there were DVDs for more than one season of Soul Food. Here's a message from a BET board:

hello soulfood fans: we need to take action if we want paramount to release the remaining seasons of soulfood. it's been over 6 years since season one released on dvd. we the fans want seasons 2, 3, 4, & 5 on dvd. so, here is what i need you all to do, email and call paramount studio and demand that they release all the seasons of soulfood. paramount studio phone: 323-956-4488 and 323-956-5000 email: if you don't get an answer, leave a detailed message. after, they receive enough messages, they will know that we are serious. much do you bet me that someone on this thread starts whining that Amanda called her not a feminist? I think someone should have to pay me a hundred bucks if the original author of that bizarre screed comes in and starts whining.

Remember to support black TV series and black movies that aren't all about shucking and jiving.

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