Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Aunt B also has interesting thoughts. I did feel sort of uncomfortable about blaming Twisty herself because some of her commenters are ****s. That's why I suggested emailing her and telling her that the transhate was making everyone uncomfortable and angry. Also, there's something about how we view power in there. Hey! This is a good point to pick up what I was going to say earlier.

Now, we mostly have a broad consensus that her commenters have crossed the line with the transhate and all that. But an issue that leads to what I call feminist concern trolling is that nobody can figure out whether the powers are out of balance and what is the source of the out of balance powers is. Are evil feminists, radical or not, ruining the lives of women? Is it the fault of men who benefit from male privilege while we have to go around washing plates all the time? Is it because we don't read the Bible enough?! Yea, we're never going to agree whether we all have equal power or whether some people have more power than others.

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