Saturday, December 09, 2006

Black folks harvest:

The one strike policy is announced.

White people think the n word isn't hate speech. Oh yea, the post is locked, but magentathompson apparently was banned for photoshopping some picture of this trashy ass bitch. That's why any real person of color knows that anyone can be racist shit is bullshit. White people can call us racial slurs for six months without stop, and nobody cares. But make some dumbass white bitch cry and it's all OMG. OK, I'm implementing a new rule here. Any white ass bitch who starts crying about how someone told her she wasn't a special snowflake? Well, all be advised that I don't fucking care. Shut your mouth and stop whining. If you're a chronological adult, you will be treated that way, white women.

Blacks have pride in their strength and survival.

Gay white men let down the cause by performing in blackface.

Disabled child is being denied blankets.

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