Monday, December 11, 2006

Oh yea, and naturally skinny people, shut the fuck up. I'm naturally on the thin side, although a bit hippy, and I don't attention whore on the internet about how horrible it is that they are banning models that look like they are going to drop dead at any minute. Naturally thin people don't look sick! Our bones aren't poking out and there's not a sort of sickly wan cast to our features. Oh hell naw, the models actually are dropping dead. OK folks, regulations are in order!!!

Also, this reminded me of how I was reading Decades of Fashion and saw Jane Mansfield flashing her bra and was like hey! it's the equvalent of the Britney crotch shot for the 50s! But yea, so not classy. Also my mom says floozy- she said my socks(pictured here) are for fast floozies.

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