Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ok, I was flipping through the carnival of feminists and I saw a post by Nine Pearls and I just had to respond! Sorry for the porn post.

Yes, I think middle aged women are really out of touch as far as sexual expectations are. They think that we actually suffer from sexual repression! Ha ha ha. Back in my college days(I graduated in May), we had fuck buddies(yea, many girls are relegated to fuck buddies) rating girl's blowjobs, guys complaining about women with hairy crotches, frat boys video taping girls, guys complaining if you had sense enough to not want to fuck within the first week of meeting, disrespectful guys who think that a girl's got a death wish and wants to fuck condomless, and tons of hookup culture. When I tivo Soul Food, at 1 am, the end is cut off by dumbass Girls Gone Wild commercials. If this is sexual 'liberation', I want out! But the problem is that you can't opt out. There's no get out of patriarchy free card, no magical boundary you can go into where you don't have to deal with the culture.

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