Thursday, January 31, 2008

I started to play Chocolatier 1, and I have to admit, one thing I like about the Chocolatier games is that you don't fly into say, Trinidad, and see one black person. There are a variety of types of people- I've counted black women as explorers, chocolate shop owners, gamblers, chocolate bean growers, and that's only a few of the roles that people of color play in the game. People say it shouldn't matter, but the truth is that for gamers of color this yields a more immersive experience, because I am not jarred from the game reality to wonder "where did all the nonwhite people go?". And it certainly doesn't hurt white gamers. I think they are shooting ingredients by the thousands now.

People wonder whether it's possible to be a 'hardcore' casual gamer and I think so, because to me, it's the frequency of gaming and whether you follow developments such as new releases that make you a hardcore gamer, not the content of the games you play. I play games on my PC and on my DS every day. I'm no longer the type of gamer who could polish off a 100 hour RPG in a week[ok, maybe I never was], and I never was any good at first person shooters, but the point is why is it more hardcore to play Diablo 2[hehhee, dating myself] maybe one hour a week rather than spending about 4 hours a week on 5 different games?

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