Sunday, January 20, 2008

The thread is too long for me to put my word in, but really, I think that we should pay more attention to the women who are suffering than those who are having fun. I mean seriously, we don't treat anything else this way. We don't go "chicken processing plants are perfectly safe! Why don't we focus on the people who didn't have their fingers cut off?!" If our children play with perfectly fun toys that have lead paint on them, we go OMG!! wtf?! So I don't see why I should dismiss the chances of rape, violence, and even disease for young women and women of color, you know? "yea, you got ass raped by a client, but hey! this white woman you've never met is having a great time!" think that'd be a bit insensitive. It's nice to hear marginalized people, but we gotta face facts. Some of these folks are the Black Republicans of the sex work world, sorry to say. Yea, they are black, but really, you gotta check their facts. Every black person but them is lazy? I don't believe it. Sex work may not be a monolith, but when I talk about sex work, what is the need to focus on people who are doing just fine?

Not to mention, our shitty schools, and discrimination in the US are pushing women towards these sort of jobs! I really think people who love having sex with strangers is a small subset of those actually doing it. But with our drop out factories, folks can't get decent jobs.

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