Wednesday, January 09, 2008

"Girls can do anything boys can do, but in high heels and better"- a small child.

But women shouldn't be required to do things in high heels and better!

Yesterday's episode of Colonial House was 'WTF? The Wamponongs* appear!!!'. I was amazed that they allowed people(and even women!) of color to be annoyed about colonialism on camera! There was some bitching by the colonists because some of the Indians gave them a history lesson and were annoyed because people are apparently stealing their land today, but I agree with the second governor's wife- stfu since being fucked over for a hundred years sucks worse than having a history lesson in the middle of a tv show. Looking at the reviews on amazon, I just don't get the amount of bitching about 'liberalism'. They can't pull all the participants from bumfuck. At least half of the first colonists were Texans from BFE, so I think it's OK to allow gays, atheists,etc to be in the experiment too. And not to mention- you can't go and punish some dude for being gay on TV, even if it would be historically accurate!

Also, I have to admit that you also can't have Indian/Colonist warfare on tv.... although, they did steal the colonists' chicken.

*my spelling sucks, but they are a Native American tribe

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