Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This afternoon’s heavy rains and winds have caused damage in several locations around campus. Trees are reported to have fallen on the South Campus; between Mitchell Hall and the Administration Building; and on Normal Street between Southern and Spottswood. If you are near these areas, please proceed with caution. High winds are forecast throughout the evening hours. Stay tuned to WUMR and other local television and radio stations for the latest weather information. To report any other damage, call 678-HELP.
Bob Eoff
Vice President of Communications,
Public Relations and Marketing
303 Administration Building
Memphis, TN 38152

I saw the tree near the administration building fall. I froze and then ran around. I regreted that I didn't have a camera on me. Class was disrupted with the high winds that had been knocking the trees down, causing leaf tornados,etc, and also there was a siren and the police for reasons unknown to me.

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