Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I'm so jealous of men! Really, every time a woman acts like a stupid attention whore, it's the fault of every woman ever. I love my DS and PS2 and PC games, but for god's sake, don't lump me together with stupid teenagers with low self esteem. I just want to be left alone to play my video games like everyone else. I'm too old to try to prove how uber geeky I am. I'll continue to play the games I like instead of 'hardcore' games to prove that I'm OMGONEOFTHEGUYS. And really, your titays aren't relevant to gaming. So all, stop focusing on the twits, and focus on the 99% of female gamers who game to game. We don't say that all men don't bathe because of that nasty congoer with ballstank do we? Give us the same courtesy. I'm a chick, and I can't control the behavior of some 15 year old across the country, so give me a fucking break.

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