Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm happily reading email, and open an innocent seeming mailing list message. I learn that people 20 to 24 are 'spoiled' with this as evidence:

We were all pretty complacent, thinking we could handle the Millennials
when the time came, but we were wrong. Their elder statesmen are out of
college now and they are wreaking havoc in the workplace. Our phones
have been ringing off the hook the past few months as businesses of all
kinds call to book our Millennial-Think programs.

See, the Millennials believe that the rest of us should change to
accommodate them, not the other way around. And they are not budging.
You want them to work on a weekend when they have other plans? Good
luck. Friends and family come first. Think a training session,
classroom style, is a good idea? Not anymore. Video games and
interactive Web sites are a huge part of a Millennial's world; they
tend to learn better when things are interactive. Millennials prefer
instant messaging and text-messaging over e-mail. But don't get excited
about the prospect of advertising via text-messaging: texting is for
friends and family only. And forget about voice-mail. That's way too
old school for them.

The horror! Not wanting to work on weekends! Having a life outside of work! Not wanting some idiot spamming us by text!

Also, the idiots who wrote this shit are outrageously out of touch:

"We like to shop to music, but don't play boring music." We got into a
discussion about this comment - what did she mean? Well, they all
despise instrumental music; the direct quote was: "Play music with
words!" which made us all laugh. Then the panel called out names of
bands we might play in our stores; bands that most of the audience had
never heard of. If the Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day ring a
bell, you're ahead of the game. Bottom line, pick uplifting music with
a good beat. Millennials like Disco too, and you know what we always
say: Disco is the sound of money.

If you haven't heard of Green Day, where have you been, the under a rock convention? I was happy that Spoon was playing in a movie theater, and I'm not exactly miss hip and up to date. Tip: get your heads out of your ass, stop insulting young people, and listen to some music made after 1969, for god's sake.

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