Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I was reading this post, and sadly, remembered that it is now my duty to remind everyone that they don't need my approval. Despite my clever blog posts, my amazing taste in entertainment, and my sloth like energy levels, sadly, sadly, you don't have to obey my bloggish edicts. I cry crystal tears as I remember that even though I say that giving your 7 year old My Makeup instead of Mario, Zelda or Nintendogs, is totally cruel- fostering Pink Think as well as depriving her of the fun of games that are awesome, you sadly, don't have to obey me.

Even when I tell you that your 7 year old doesn't need lipstick! you don't have to cry, as instead of the grand poobah of feminism, instead I'm more of a random person off the street. DARN REALITY! YOU RUIN MY LIFE!

But seriously, this sort of reminds me of 'reverse racism'. Any sort of pushback against the system is seen as way worse than the actual issue. We can't really critique the system as we're busy going "Oh, I'm not SCARY! Tehehee!" and for some reason, not being a 'scary' feminist means going along with the prevailing appearance standards, which sort of weirds me out. Of all the ass kicking shit we're going to do, what scares folks the most? Not being decorative objects. Well, rock on, then!

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