Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I learned not only that sex addiction is made up by the mean prudes that rule the world to prevent us from having fun, but also that prudes are no fun to date.

Because we really need people who aren't really comfortable having sex just because they ate dinner with someone a few times having sex because of pressure not to be a prude. Yep! That's going to foster healthy sexual relationships right there! Also, it reminds me of some sort of Leisure Suit Larry guy from the 70s. "Hey, baby, you must be a prude if you don't fuck me immediately in the way I like!" *sleazy shame* "Hey, why are you walking off? YOU'LL BE ALONE! YOU MEAN BITCH PRUDE!"

The problem is that while there are many very sexual women and men who aren't shy about casual sex, that's not the only type of person out there. There are asexuals, people who want sex only intermittently, people who think sex is intimate and therefore should be shared only by people who have known each other for a long time or are married, people who think sex is OK, but not really that important. We act like these folks are pathological, but there's more of them than we think.

I'm a sexual myself, but people act like all people make sex the centerpiece of the relationship, while I think that some might find commitment, or mutual hobbies, more important to their relationship, and sex might just be like playing Settlers of Catan together- fun, but not all consuming.

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