Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I watched crazy guy Grover Norquist on Colbert, and I'm really confused by this. I think we're yelling across a huge divide here. I don't think lower taxes are inherently good. Hear me out here- let's say we all got taxed only $50 a year, sounds good,eh? But people get laid off, the roads get spotty, our policemen take bribes as they aren't being paid, and that's just the first things I can think of that would happen. Why do I have such a negative view? Haven't I just been brainwashed by the government? Won't private charity raise the millions needed for bridge repair? 80% of food pantries can't meet the needs. And this is with food stamps reducing demand somewhat and government help. I don't think any food pantries, who provide a very basic need, would be able to help at all.

I've never heard a good explanation of why this is supposed to be a good thing.

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