Saturday, September 13, 2008

lacencurls:"She doesn't believe that any old irresponsible whore who opens her legs can should have the right to kill her baby."

Reverend ross: That's going to be her campaign slogan.

That's the funniest thing I've seen on etsy for a long long time.

Now, I'm judgmental. I think that if you like to have cattle prod sex, you need to have it in your bedroom[or another PRIVATE place], and not whine if other people think cattle prod sex is weird. I don't support women's choices. But come on, aren't we all irresponsible whores? Accidents can happen. I think that we should give people tools to deal with the accidents that happen in life.

ok ok, I hadn't seen this gem yet:

I am speaking of actual hookers and whores people. what else do you call them? I pass them on a daily basis. I know of 3 right now who work the corner just a few blocks from here. They cant bother with birthcontrol. They wait until they are several months along as it feeds the fetish business and they make good money from it. Then they get an abortion. One of these women have had 3!!!!

Good ol' dehumanizing sex workers. That's a great business strategy. You know, that post didn't have any of the cuss words people make such a fuss about people using on etsy, but it turned me off way more than someone saying 'fuck, yeah!' would have.

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