Monday, September 08, 2008

In fanficrants, this lady deconstructs deep throating. The problem with porn is that you end up with a bunch of fetishes being depicted as normal. I don't think human sexuality is just 'women/the bottom submit!', many women and gay men enjoy mutually pleasurable sex. Also, I think it's OK to be disgusted by some sexual practices. Not all of us have to go 'wow! I'm not grossed out by shit eating!'

I'm on team Olbermann
. Maddow/Olbermann, I ship it! What, news shows aren't fandom? Is that true?

Best LJ icon ever by karnythia

Spore is out, but I can't buy it.

Slackitvist Fred learns an important lesson about people who are idiots.

Sarah Palin and her religion.

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