Monday, November 14, 2005

It's time for me to map why I get upset over the war on opportunity. OK, this is how I see it. Whites(outgroup) support blacks(in group) not being accepted to college in as high a number(bad, because college means opportunity for good jobs). They say this is because blacks are unqualified(not true- to me, qualified means you can do what's needed in a position- if a black person has above a 2.0 and is trying hard, they are qualified. Also, many whites aren't very good at college either) or that this is racist(not true to me, because rectifying racism is not racist. Racist is seen in effects not words) Whites seem mean and spiteful because blacks haven't done anything to them, there has been a lot of past oppression(whites are assumed to think this was bad, so I am confused about why they'd like the effects of this to linger) and they seem to like to talk down about black people's poverty. Personal reasons this seems mean: Whites talk about how they think blacks are unqualified in front of black people like me. Also, my view is still shaped by the guy who complained about AA in my case when I had way higher scores than him on everything. It also seems mean to make a big fuss about qualifications because someone is black, but not care when they are white.

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