Sunday, November 20, 2005

Stupid whiny whites fight intelligent people over World Nut Daily article which hopes to distract whites from the fact our gov't sucks and Republicans are fucking them and their poor white brethren over by worrying them about what some Canadians are doing. Also, some Canadian guy says that minorities in Canada feel discriminated against.

I think the difference between liberals and conservatives are that liberals are connected to the actual. For example, I find the idea that whiteness makes you qualified for jobs confusing because to me, whiteness means you have pale skin, and possibly some very funny ideas. But maybe, they aren't talking about actually being able to do the job, but some Mussolini like(I associate this with Mussolini after reading him say that the Italians won the war when they lost it) qualification of the soul. It's the same for equality. When I say it, I mean equality of results- i.e. actual, empirically measurable things. But they mean equality of opportunity- in which they just feel things are equal whether they are or not. This divide between actually doing stuff and not actually doing stuff is the difference between liberal and conservative, and often between black and white.

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