Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I don't get Newsmax. How is pointing out the fact that Clarence Thomas doesn't represent the views of most blacks insulting us? What's the point of selecting a black person if they don't represent black people? The whole reason that people are agitating for black people in high positions is that they want the views of black people represented. Otherwise why would we care? Well, that's confusing. Time for funny right wing website ads. It's good to see that black men are profiting from the fact that right wingers who live in all white neighborhoods to get away from the 'crime' for some reason need ghetto prison fighting secrets. I hope that the fact that that ad is probably the only contact with a black person that some of those people who apparently know so much about what insults us or not have doesn't totally contribute to racism. What am I talking about? Of course it will.

Also, here's the ubiquitous floor humping man. Hump it. Hump it real good.

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