Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The worse I feel the more I blog. I was amused, even though someone said c*nt:

Oh look at all the women agreeing with him.

Here's a tip to the boyfriends of those dumb cunts... if she's still running about the internet presenting herself to all and sundry as grade A1 patriarchy compliant girl friend material, she's probably still in the market to upgrade to a better class of patriarchy compliant man... you know the drill, better job, more power, nicer motor car, bigger house. Her willingness to put other women down so enthusiastically indicates she is still in competition with them and that she feels the need to distinguish herself as not like the others pick me pick me pleeeeease pick me.

Read the rest of the thread.
Oh yea, and because this lady(?) said c*nt, I'm now for the sexual harassment of immigrants in factories. So don't say c*nt or I'll get a job complaining about women having jobs.

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