Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I was going offline to let my paper cool for a final edit, but I'm peeved at wkno.

We've made arrangements with the Memphis library station (89.9) to carry
BBC during the day... it's 6-9am and 11-Noon weekdays. And of course,
this Fall, when our HD stations launch, we'll have one station dedicated
to BBC and another with NPR news/talk programs.

Because we are all made of fucking money. So basically, there's a near total information blackout in Memphis during the afternoon. We're missing most of talk of the nation, and the first bit of all things considered. We have a measly one hour of news in the daytime. And this cut to our news service wasn't even discussed with local residents either. Really, don't people without much money need real news more than people with lots of money?

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