Monday, April 23, 2007

Send Blackamazon to the Allied Media Conference.

Come to the Take Back the Night 5k Run!

Lots of sexist stupid today. I like my business vagina. My vagina is all business, and there is no party in the rear.

I'm sick of this whole girls who don't know why they bleed every month are total whores crap. If your teenager is in fact a whore, seek local resources, such as this, where they can get help.

Tame foxes were bred. They are untrained.

The dread Sheezlebub mocks those who need to save Muslim women from overly modest bathing suits. I mean really, you can't win. it's either you're a whore or bikini or GTFO. Also, Aimai says stupid things causing lulz.

Etsy admin apologizes for the great downtime of 06.

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